A Good Chamois Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

Trisuits. Cycling shorts. Hmm. Not the most a) comfortable b) elegant pieces of triathlon wear I have in my wardrobe… or so I thought!

This month I was lucky enough to try some of women’s wear brand, Threo, 2017 season’s kit. Threo is a high-performance sports apparel company run by women, for women. A little more about them can be found here!

Cycle shorts

Now cycling shorts are something I have battled with for months. Too tight in the leg, too baggy at the waist and don’t even get me started on those chamois pads! The wrong short can truly lead to a VERY uncomfortable ride. When you are training hard (ok let’s be honest – we are triathletes! It’s always hard!), having the right kit can make a huge difference. What’s more, if you spend as much time as I do in lycra, you kind of want it to look nice!

For me Threo seemed to get the whole picture. In a world flooded with nice looking clothes with a horrendous technical performance, Threo finally offer us kit with technical detailing and a female fit. Every item has been designed with the specific end use in mind. It seems fashion doesn’t have to be for sufferers!

The cycling shorts are a real gem. The high wasted panel of compression fabric holds the shorts in position on the bike without falling down or digging in. The fabric is light and moisture wicking making the shorts technically top notch. The side panels offer a snug fit, but also ease of movement to enable comfort across all distances.

Behind the sweat proof zipped rear pocket (you can take my word for it that this is a great keep safe for your cake stop tenner!), the double lined rear guarantees full coverage of the bottom area so none of those awkward ‘grandma pant’ moments! A reflective trim on the rear pocket and reflective logo on the side are also a nice touch. But the biggest hurrah for me was the T.M.F, women specific chamois. Comfort at last! Definitely the best pad I’ve tried so far (and I have tried many in my search!).

The only niggle I had with these shorts was the leg line. Designed with wider grippers for a more flattering line and to hold in position, I did find that the legs had a tendency to ruck up a lot. Now I must add a bit of a disclaimer here to say that my legs are relatively diddy (being a professional ballerina turned triathlete is not the conventional method for getting those #legdaygainz!) and it may be that you will not have this issue. But overall, a fab pair of shorts. I’ve used them on the turbo, long rides of up to four hours, on my TT bike saddle and on my road bike, and I’ve enjoyed the comfort every time. What is more, I have officially received a compliment on every ride from different girls in my squad on the look of my shorts (which is a little bonus!)


Tri suit

‘A performance suit that doesn’t compromise on style’ – that’s what Threo claims. Well I’ve tried enough suits in my time to know that talking the talk definitely does not mean the suit walks the walks on race day! Ever the sceptic, I thought I’d put the Threo suit to the test in a REAL race situation. BUCS Duathlon, 2017 was the event of choice!

Number one, just like the shorts, I loved the look of this suit straight away. An eye-catching signature design of bold colours and beautifully cut panels. And what’s this? Is that shaping around the waist I see?! A deep grey base coulour with flashes from brightly coloured panels caught the eye of my supporters and gave for some pretty swanky race pics! The compression fabric is quick drying and breathable. The lightweight panel on the back add flexibility in the shoulders and adds breathability. I also liked the jersey lining across the chest to add a little support where it is needed and the compression fabric which minimised movement. The suit stayed where I put it, as well as everything underneath!

The detachable race belt was another gem. Easy-click poppers kept it in place and stopped that irritating twist around of the race number. The belt together with the covered rear pockets, and mid-race fuel was covered! But the big one for me, where ‘Threo strikes again’, was the Italian-made, female specific triathlon chamois! YES YES YES!!! Not only have they figured out a way to make riding more comfortable for us ladies, we can now race in comfort too!

The pad was just enough to add cushioning for the bike leg, but not too much to irritate on the run. It stayed where it was meant to throughout. A real winner!

The only issue I had was this leg line again (see above for disclaimer!), but the flat lock seams where at least more comfortable than many suits I have raced in. Threo created their suits with the aim of ‘inspiring confidence in the first time triathlete’. Well, they certainly inspired confidence in me! A technical and high performance suit that was flattering and technical. I was completely sold!

With the 2017 range shorts in the highly competitive price range of £50.00, and the tri-suit at just £80.00, ladies I’d say put these number one on your Christmas list!!

Find out more at www.threo.co.uk.

Jemima Cooper

Written by Jemima Cooper

Jemima is an Age Group triathlete, Pilates instructor and psychology undergraduate student at the University of Bath. After 16 years of classical ballet training, Jemima took a completely new direction when she went off to university in 2017, where she began training and competing in triathlon. Jemima is a true lover of endurance sport and she is always in search of a new challenge. She has big dreams and aspirations to become a professional athlete and is ready to work hard to achieve this.