Swanky Sunglasses Put To The Test

These swanky French-made Ekoi sunnies were made especially for the Quickstep Floor Team for the Tour de France 2017. The team requested sunglasses with panoramic vision, highness and an aggressive look. So, I took a closer look at them to see how I would get on…

Let’s start with the positives:

Straight off I am loving the customisability. Seven frame and branches colours (shiny white, shiny black, matte black, red, neon green, neon yellow or carbon); five lenses colours (mirror, revo red, blue revo, revo green and photochromatic blue or grey) and five adjustable sleeves: white, blue, grey, black or red, you can create a look that will give you bragging rights at the cafe stop. I also really like the euro styling and the look when they are on – pretty cool!

They are lightweight coming in at only 28g.This was helped by the frameless design. For me, frameless was perfect as I look for good lens coverage in my glasses. I liked the vented branches too and this helped them to stay fog-free during a long sweaty ride. The frames seem quite flexible and this comes with greater comfort too.

Depending on the lens choice, there are different screens available. Swapping out the lenses is straightforward, twist out the nose piece then pull from the centre.

The MIRROR Screen Category 3 (to be worn in summer for normal brightness) has a shatterproof polycarbonate screen, 100% UV protection and can filter solar brightness up to 92%, whilst the mirror finish improves protection in bright conditions.

The REVO Screen Category 3 is to be worn in summer for high brightness or recommended for sensitive eyes. Again it is shatterproof polycarbonate with 100% UV protection and filters solar brightness up to 95%.

I tried the photochromatic screen which comes in grey or blue. This screen changes colour according to the brightness. Although it only filters the solar brightness up to 92%, it is perfect in changing weather (cloudy, rainy or foggy) or undergrowth, shady areas, tunnels. This isn’t a sudden change, it will take a minute or two, but over the course of my rides they were always ‘about right’. Not too dark or too light. The lenses are certainly good quality with no noticeable distortion.

But let’s consider some of the negatives as well:

For me, the nose bridge was just too wide and this made it quite uncomfortable. What’s more, I could see it in the field of vision which was quite an annoyance when out and about. The fit was also pretty wide around the head and temples meaning that the glasses didn’t feel terribly secure. I would also say that the tint on these didn’t highlight road defects as well as some other glasses I’ve tried which is a bit of an issue when spinning around the country lanes.

The verdict:

Ok, so a pretty good pair of glasses all in all. Coming in at £62 these are a good pair of sunnies for the price. But would I buy them again? They do look cool and I love the frames design, but to be completely honest I think I would shop around a little more or even splash out a little extra to get a pair of Oakley Jawbreakers.

Jemima Cooper

Written by Jemima Cooper

Jemima is an Age Group triathlete, Pilates instructor and psychology undergraduate student at the University of Bath. After 16 years of classical ballet training, Jemima took a completely new direction when she went off to university in 2017, where she began training and competing in triathlon. Jemima is a true lover of endurance sport and she is always in search of a new challenge. She has big dreams and aspirations to become a professional athlete and is ready to work hard to achieve this.