Chrissie Wellington to Attend Challenge Roth

British iron-distance legend Chrissie Wellington has announced that she will attend Challenge Roth on 9th July to witness world champion Daniela Ryf (SUI) attempt to break her world long distance record.

Chrissie set the current women’s long distance world record in 2011 in a time of 8:18:13, and Daniela fell just three minutes short of her time at last year’s Challenge Roth. This year she aims to break the world record, with Chrissie there to witness it all if she manages it.

Speaking about last year’s race, Daniela said: “it made me realise, on a perfect day the world record of Chrissie Wellington could possibly be in reach. I am fascinated by Chrissie’s record and I will try my best on race day to see how fast I can go.”

Chrissie said: “I really look forward to being there this year and supporting the thousands of people out there on the course, including Daniela as she attempts to break the world record. It will take a very special day when everything falls into place but I know that those days exist and I wish her all the best in her pursuit of the sub 8:18 goal!”.

CEO of DATEV Challenge Roth, Felix Walchshoefer, stated, “It is a joy for the whole Challenge Family to welcome Chrissie, one of the sport’s greatest champions, back to DATEV Challenge Roth. She was always so well loved by all the fans, and it will be a treat for them to possibly witness the changing of the guard if Daniela is up to that tall order on the day. It will give the 260,000 Roth fans an opportunity to not only pay tribute to one of the sport’s true icons and express appreciation for all the wonder, joy and smiles Chrissie has brought to Roth over the years, but to urge Daniela on to create another truly world breaking Roth moment. It will be an epic day for all fans of triathlon.”

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Amy Kilpin

Written by Amy Kilpin